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Plumbers Merchants

Plumbers Merchants

Have you relocated to a new property and do you require an overhaul of its existing plumbing? Are you instead looking for professional help in upgrading your boiler or heating system? These are only two of the numerous areas which can be addressed by the team of professional plumber merchants found at Phoenix Plumbing Services. Let us take a look at some of the areas that we are proud to address.

Perfect for Complex Tasks
Larger plumbing jobs can be challenging and if the right materials are not used, a great deal of money may be wasted. We provide numerous items such as:

Heating and ventilation systems.
Digital control platforms.
Electrical components and copper piping.

Even a large project can be tackled through the help of our experts and with these accessories.

Plumbing Supplies for Swansea Customers
There are instances when a Swansea client instead has a minor project which they hope to address on their own. Common supplies including plumbing plastics, brass items, copper fittings and even industry clothing are all available at Phoenix Plumbing Services.

Efficient and Knowledgeable Plumber Merchants
This variety of plumbing supplies is by no means limited to interior projects alone. In fact, we provide a number of turnkey exterior solutions. From groundwater systems to guttering, downpipes and vents, there are few options which are not covered by Phoenix Plumbing Supplies. Our expert staff is quite pleased to work together with the customer in order to find the most efficient solutions to any interior or exterior plumbing need.

Modern Alternatives
Renewable energy is another major category proudly addressed by Phoenix Plumbing. This environmentally friendly approach can help to reduce waste water while simultaneously mitigating the effects of mounting energy costs. Low-flow taps and digital temperature control systems are two examples of what may be perfect solutions for many Swansea properties. As we also utilise only the most modern and cost-effective materials, the return on investment is quite high. Customers can enjoy years of reliable use and should an issue occur, many of our items are protected by an impressive warranty.

Should you require our experienced plumbing merchants or if you need further advice, we are literally only a phone call away. Our specialists are more than capable of answering any additional questions that you may have.