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Phoenix Plumbing Service is proud to supply only the latest and most aesthetically pleasing showers Swansea to a growing number of clients. We fully appreciate the fact that such enclosures represent the focal point of any bathroom. Thus, our experts are able to provide a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and technological options. It is a good idea to take a further look into this category.

Modern and Streamlined

Technology has come a long way in recent years. Thankfully, many bespoke applications can now be used within the modern shower. Electrically powered units, digital controls, discrete temperature controls and powerful extractor fans are only a few of the options which are offered through Phoenix Plumbing Services. From water-saving showers to those which are equipped with attractive chrome fixtures, the choices are nearly endless. However, there is much more in store.


The type of shower enclosure selected will have a dramatic impact upon the entire bathroom. Some of the options which can be found by browsing the selection at Phoenix Plumbing Services include:

D-shaped enclosures.
Sliding or hinged doors.
Side panel showers.
Attractive and durable shower screens.

Taps and Accessories

Shower taps will always serve to punctuate the unit itself. We are proud to supply a number of bespoke and unique designs to all of our Swansea clients. From traditional appearances to minimalist shapes, the options are nearly endless. These will likewise be able to blend with other accessories such as handles, pipes and similar control systems.

bathroom accessories and hand wash bottle

With the Environment in Mind

We are all aware that protecting the environment is now more important than ever before. Our range of low-flow shower heads is a perfect option to save this precious resource while simultaneously lowering your monthly water bills. When these fixtures are combined with accurate temperature controls and digital mixers, the benefits become clear.

To further appreciate the extensive variety of shower-related items that Phoenix Plumbing Supplies has to offer, it is wise to speak with one of our trained representatives. We will be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have or further explain why our bathroom options are so very popular throughout Swansea and the neighbouring regions.

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